ILeads delivers high quality, cost effective, trustworthy and result oriented solutions to domestic and global customers. See your business grow to new heights with our support services at the most affordable cost.

Working Hours

Monday > Friday: 9am - 6pm
Saturday: 10am - 6pm
Sunday: 10am - 6pm

ILeads means Quality Our excellence lies in Time Deliverables with Highest Quality Assurance. Our main purpose is to let our clients focus on business strategies and growth while providing them all the necessary support services at an affordable expense. Customer is King Our Diligence. Your Success Regular SLA Tracking, MIS, Quality Audits & Regular Feedback – Operational Excellence Methodology One Stop. All Solutions ILeads is a support system that will take care of all you support services while you focus on your growth.
ILeads Services

We provide a range of services, partnering with the sales team to deliver customers at scale.

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Our mission is to allow our clients to focus their attention on their core business strategies and growth, while ILeads does the heavyweight lifting and delivers every vital support service/s necessary for their organizations to grow at a reasonable and affordable expense.


One of the fastest growing startups in the region, we are known For our expertise in the field

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ILeads will be Recognized as the Company that Delivers Quality Services within Set Timelines at an Affordable Cost to Each of Our Clients while Setting It Apart from Every Other Company in the Industry.


Our belief system and foundational values are what set us Apart from everyone.

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Company Aim

To Grow ILeads in Dehradun to over 1200 employees by 2022 and to the tune of 3000 employees by early 2024, and expand our operations to various locations across India.

Our Value System

Our core philosophy lies in distribution of ownership amongst their employees, partners and associates and aligning it with the company's objective.

Our mission is to achieve the highest level of consumer satisfaction and build customer loyalty by delivering superior quality and cost-effective customer solutions.

Timeline ILeads

We Will Take Care Of All Your Support Services

With over 12 Big Brand Marquee Clients and a 35+ Million Turnover, ILeads is known to be one of the fastest growing companies in the Uttarakhand region, recognized simultaneously by Start Up India and Start Up Uttarakhand.

Why ILeads?

Learn about the advantages of relocating your services to a Tier II City, Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

End to End Business Process Services Organization

State of the Art Infrastructure with Top Quality Dedicated Workspaces, ILeads gives you all the necessary support at the most affordable rates without any compromise on Quality.

Lower Cost of Living: An attractive feature to many in the work force, especially in the post Covid world.

Lower Operating Costs for Clients, without compromising on quality.

Better Connectivity & Transport, lesser traffic and faster commutes.

Lower Attrition Rates: In a city known as the Educational Hub of the Country, we provide Top Quality Agents & Management Staff which is highly qualified.


(sq.ft.) Workspace Area







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