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Working Hours

Monday > Friday: 9am - 6pm
Saturday: 10am - 6pm
Sunday: 10am - 6pm

Social Accountability

As a company, ILeads fully comprehends its social responsibilities and is committed to helping the community in any way we can. ILeads has a dedicated Responsibility team intertwined with the Administration that takes care of various social issues and offers help where required in the region.
Feeding the Hungry

ILeads is committed to feeding the street kids of Dehradun. Due to rapid urbanization in the city, Dehradun has seen a rise in street children who often remain hungry. ILeads team members distribute cooked balanced meals on a regular basis in an effort to combat hunger amongst the street children of Dehradun.

Apna Ghar Orphanage

Similarly, through these donation drives, we have also raised a great number of educational books, workbooks, activity and coloring books, furniture, decoration and toys for the beautiful children at the Apna Ghar Orphanage. ILeads has also conducted food drives, to raise snacks, goodies and food items for the kids residing here. Our employees also volunteer to go and spend time and play with the children.

Covid Vaccination Drive

We at ILeads made sure to get each and every employee vaccinated and our reach exceeded 900 doses of both the first and second vaccine. We have also set in place the plan for the third booster dose for everyone by 2022’s. First half.

Prem Dham Old Age Home

We conduct regular donation drives in our company through which we have been able to raise furniture, books, kitchen equipment and many more articles of use for the senior citizens residing at Prem Dham, which is a beautiful home for the old.

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