ILeads delivers high quality, cost effective, trustworthy and result oriented solutions to domestic and global customers. See your business grow to new heights with our support services at the most affordable cost.

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Our Solutions

The ILeads team is ready and available whenever our customers require any support services. We provide all our business partners with flexible and customized plans, as per their requirements, to fit their business needs.
Inbound Customer Support

We provide complete call support and customer care services through a highly trained inbound support team that consists of professional tele-callers, team leaders and managers.

Seller Support

We support matchmaking of buyers and sellers through tele calling. We also assist with buyer on boarding journey.

Outbound Collections

ILeads specializes in ‘outbound portfolio wise collection’ services which includes EMI collections and debt collections with a well-trained team that makes sure the calls are professional in nature, always keeping in mind to improve customer relations as a part of the job.

Query Handling

As a part of our Inbound Services our well-trained team also provides all and any ‘Inquiry Handling’ which forms an integral and essential fragment of customer support.

Accounting & Financial Services

ILeads provides complete accounting and finance services such as billing, invoicing as well as outsources payroll services at cost effective plans and we assure complete confidentiality to our clients.

End to End Sales

Providing start to end functional solutions from engagement to sale of the product.

Pre Sales

ILeads helps with all assistance in the pre-sale period in order to help engaging, identifying, filtering and setting up appointments of the most prospective customers for the specific product or service, for the core sales team.

Outbound Surveys

We provide help with surveying your customers and collecting information for the betterment of your business’s product or service.

Appointment Generation

In order to provide complete sales solutions for our customer’s business we also provide appointment generation services.

Outbound Lead Generation

Generating prospective leads for sales teams, in order to help increase the sales revenue of the establishments and businesses.

Email & Chat

Support services for customer Query, Request and Complaint handling.

GST & CIN Verification

Helping you in validating your business to ensure credibility amongst your prospective customers and increase your trust factor with them.

Security Surveillance

We help in video monitoring through remote desktop services to ensure on site safety and security and act as whistleblowers when we notice a breach in security.

Video Labelling

Screening through video footage and labelling or tagging them as per the client’s requirement and recommendation.

Data Science Projects

Data entry, data processing, content writing, data seeding, data harvesting and keyword stuffing for all your business needs.

Optical Character Recognition

Image to text conversion through software interface.

Import /Export Code Verification

Adding value to the trust factor by verifying the Import Export Codes for business that require this service.

Customer Verification

ILeads provides support services with verifying identities and filtering through documents to check if they are reliable or fraudulent in nature through KYC validation, and background checks, if needed.

Mortgage Sales

Call assistance regarding information about mortgage loans as well as all sorts of loan programs available.

Cable & Solar Sales

Our sales team at ILeads helps consumers with detailed information regarding cable and solar equipment, marketing and promoting them, and also advising them about the advantages and savings of purchasing solar powered products.

Online Data Entry

We offer online data compilation services for better ease of access and organized storage in a digital format. This is one of the various services ILeads offers to make your business process straightforward and easy.

Data Mining

ILeads provides comprehensive ‘extraction of data’ services and helps transforming your raw data into actual usable information through social and digital platforms.

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